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i am a living
my own religion
i live as fiction
always fixing
the received diction
to better suit
my false depiction
evil deeds all
causing friction
smells of burning
in the flames of
his own constriction
awaiting the sentence
of his conviction

its tricky though
these pits of woe
it’s a shame to claim
the places i go
were not the same
i chose to grow
the quoth on quote
the status quo
this i know,
this i propose
to dismay, dispose
the mirrored smoke
to snuff, to stamp
the living joke
the me i be
inside this hoax

but do i have power
does power have me
between the lines
i cannot read
i cannot think
in terms of me
there’s just too much
for one body
and so i plead
i beg on knees
i pray take away
this cup i’ve seen
the answer yet to
calm this sea
with its monstrous face
swallowing me

-m.p. 06/05/2016