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it’s in my head
it’s in my head
i cant get it out
i cant get it out

it strains in my brains
whats that about
too much to write
but too little to shout

every word ive heard
incurs such doubt
only to vanish in
a roundabout

in circles,
in circles,
the water gurgles,
chides reprimands
in voices

i scrub the red
i scratch my head
i wonder what is
life when dead

is around the corner
just up ahead
awaits in veins for
another to shed

and time is not
on my side at all
it watches grinning
as here i fall

it spins, it spins,
it laughs, it grins,
as i sleep only
to wake again
and again
and again
and again

-m.p. 07/15/2016