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i quote scriptures like the saints
just for the confusion it creates.
for the mess, for a mess it makes.
contradicting actions is all it takes.

i raise the stakes, snake in the grass
freeze in fear for i close in fast
there is no defense for my attacks
oh, such power have i amassed.

father of lies, my traps disguised
i wait late to blind their eyes
delay my stay for severing ties
that my own number multiplies

the six six six which applies even now
i consummate before they say the vow
i devastate before they hit the ground
i unmask, unmake all that i’ve found

so in my glory, i bask. i revel
for no one is above my level.
these signs of which i’m seeing several
that i am satan, the ancient devil.

-m.p. 07/21/2016