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fluttering shadows
fly above the trees
ravens disperse, dispense,
scatter in the breeze

they leave me to be
here to walk alone
by the graves of whose names
i have yet to know

so dark the night
i burn so bright
so loud it calls
so loud it screams
i gape, i gasp
but they laugh, the fiends.
at last, my past
has caught up to me

i curse the humanity
within my throbbing veins
its been a deadened weight
ive dragged through my campaigns

i shudder and stumble
i push against the gate
in my manor i’ll shelter
myself in this state

i face the ghosts
the haunts, the hosts
of hell, of heinous
taunts and boasts

i close the curtains,
i latch and lock the doors
creaks crawling, clawing
across the wooden floors

in dread, i tread
my scruples so sharp
now sensing throbs
from my once deadened heart