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so there you are.
you’re here,
but your eyes stare far
away, away.
i picked the perfect stone
i passed up on a donkey’s jawbone
not today, not today.

dear brother,
i’ve covered my tracks,

cleaned off your blood,
but your screams remain.
forever and ever,
and ever, 
in my brain.
doesn’t look like life on earth
is ever 
be the same

know that i don’t miss you,
i just don’t know
what i’m gonna say.

sincerely, cain.

and so i bury you deep,
you’re my gift for the earth to keep
your remains, your remains.
in quiet streams i lean
to wash away traces of my deed
blood stains. blood stays (on me).

an echo. i hear your voice.
a disembodied heart
makes so much noise.
‘oh, cain. oh, cain.’
the Maker asks of me,
but He knows. He hears you bleed.
what a day. what a day.

-m.p. 08/26/2015