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spitting out gravel
for i’ve eaten the dirt
like the serpent dost
the cursed dust
daggers have traced
the deepest cuts
leaving me broken
a spirit crushed
defeat would have me
hell would consume
and inside a cry
‘succumb to the tomb,
this circular path
will end soon,
why continue in what
only wounds?’
i bare my teeth
i shake my head
a man of God
a man undead.
how is it that i
continue through?
i whose wicked
heart issues
the darkest doubts
most livid lusts,
wishing truth false
to do what i must
to satisfy myself
to lies entrust
to invest in what’s left
for moth and rust
it must be God
it can’t be me
my faith within
held tightly
for He opens up
wide the gates
floods me in the
blood of the saints
lives poured out
in words of great
convictions found
resolutions made
and i will, nay, can
not be enslaved
to the god of this age
his minds in a cage
i live i breathe
for the words on a page
and the page upon page
of a book before laid
and to this truth
i look and will obey
the call to tread
the narrow way

-m.p. 10/03/2016