Unlike a magician, I reveal my tricks.
I shoot from the hip until one of them sticks,
With just a flick of the wrist. You’re like all the rest.
You’re a pawn, all gone, and I’m one of the best…

If not THE best. I’m just so clever.
I’m so great and wonderful. Humble, never.
Because I’m so much better, bitter, fettered.
In chains, bound tight, to villainy lettered.

Spelled out before you in the worst cursive,
Submitted carved in curses, subversive,
Words conversing, in verses, bursting
Out in clouds, in clods of emerging..

Hateful, hurtful, wordful flames,
That’s where I sear, I scorch my name.
I live in infamy in the midst of the fame,
Basking, bathing in my villainous reign.

And I laugh at the way, you think you can stop
My plan. Understand your heroics are not
Well-formed, or informed. In fact, I’m shocked
That my archenemy is so unlearned and untaught.

Unlike this noose for you I’ve got…

-Spider Phibes