look inside yourself
and you’ll find
guarded delusions
rigged and
so that doubts of self
that stray inside
are blown clear
from your mind
before they’re too

oh you explode
your anger goes
you don’t like crossing
paths with a dose
of your own medicine
words you disclose
at leisure, featured
because you’re not those
people you insult
people you hate
you’d never be them
but it’s too late
you’ve already made-
assumed your innocence
but guiltly.

low self-esteem is not what ails
you want sympathy from everyone else
those obligated to unsee the facts
to leave your illusions still intact,
the unwinding tales, the unwinding tails
filled with fangs and venom, scales
and all the rest their existence entails
for the bystanders your hydra head assails

-m.p. 02/11/2017