magic trick



“watch the suit
it’s a rental”
i hear a voice
no longer mental
he’s got control
control of dentals
don’t let him get
a hold of pencils

“please don’t do this”
he mocks my thoughts
out of the lines
unconnects the dots
in my eyes
he unblinds spots
ties my psyche
up in knots

“want to see
a magic trick”
he gives his wrist
a threatening flick
“my card” he says
his lips, he licks
“for when you need
chaos for kicks”

-m.p. 11/16/2017


lower face



under the skin
i feel the moon.
unmasked, past
the clouds,
it looms.
howls within
my ears
claws erupt
from stitches

down my spine, the
goosebumps raise
coatings of hair
the darkest grays.
and blood drips off
my lower face,
as teeth make room
for growing fangs.

the still young night
grows in my sight
my pupils fade
in glowing white.
and the fear that rose
amidst the rite
is now a rage
devoid of light.

-m.p. 11/16/17

the sifting



The house. It whispers
throughout the night.
Some of the shadows
are enshrouded white.
They disappear when you
turn on the light,
reappear in the dark
to take a bite.

Moans in closets,
creaks in doors.
A mirrored reflection
that isn’t yours,
that crawls around
above, all fours.
A stench that rises
above the floors.

You clutch the barrel,
finger twitching.
but the apparitions
are violently shifting.
and the fog shows
no sign of lifting
so grimly reap but
the house is sifting.

-m.p. 11/03/2017




tightly wrapped
in a
for so long
so long
it’s now a tomb
never would
have been a
a moth
never would
have known
the gift of
shrunk against
my head
barely cover
my shriveled

-m.p. 10/22/2017

a little while



words are said
it takes a little while
for my mind
to catch on
to the thought
sometimes i
latch on to
a different train
a different plot
that it’s

slow down i
can’t keep up
i’d lift my hands
but i smile
i get the gist and
i’ll get the rest
it’ll just take me
a little

-m.p. 09/07/2017

slithy toves



“perhaps, perchance,”
the dormouse danced,
’twas brillig upon
the clock.
“this time, though tea,
shall shine on me,
and i shall slay a

far trudged he
so sleepily,
napping as he
“five minutes more,”
he implored with a snore
as he fell off
a fishing dock

he woke on a ship
on a stormy skip
across a rippling
he took the wheel
but it didn’t yield
the ship would not

into jaws stretched wide
it strayed inside
the dormouse gave
a shiver
but steeling his nerve
gave his blade a curve
and sunk it in the nearest

“aye, that’s the rub,”
he said with a shrug,
as the ship began to
“to have gotten sleep,
sent a jabberwock to the deep,
and yet be home in time
for dinner.”

-m.p. 08/23/2017

i’m very fond of tea



under willows
upon the pillow
cushions of the chairs
slumped figures
wake up rigorous
shaking heads, hats,
and hares

“how do you do,
well i do too,”
they whisper to
“i wonder then
if here therein
there’s more tea
upon our shelves”

dry leaves caught
in bubbling pots
high pitched screams
in steam
stirred not shaken
pour unawakened,
sipping to dream
a dream

-m.p. 08/22/2017

tempt all the fates



i trod lightly
nimble, flighty.
at shadows jumping,
shivering nightly.
clutching so closely
grimly, tightly.
it all so ghastly,
so unsightly.

grasping my throat
i whispered hoarsely.
why let fears
treat you so coarsely?
scared to tread
ahead too forcefully,
to exact a path, a task

now rage, war waged
to inundate,
i surround me with foes
to demonstrate
this, my arena,
open all the gates,
for i am here
to tempt all the fates.

-m.p. 08/18/2017